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1. How do I know you are not scammers?
We are an official supplier of Beijing Pharmaceuticals, Europeptides, so if you want you may check us at their official website. We do also have a long history on the European market and year after year we build our reputation
2. How to place an order?
First of all you have to sign up, after that will be created your account and in our database we'll be able to check your orders and payments.
After your account is created you'll have to log in, from this moment you are able to buy any products you see on the site.
All products are categorized, you can see these categories on the left side and on the top menu of the website. You can explore these categories and when you see the product that you need you have to enter the required amount in the field near and to click on "ADD TO CART" button. When you once finalize your order we will write you mail with payment methods you can choose and shipping details.

3. How and where do you ship your products?
We are positioned in several countries in the EU, we ship the safest way to your addres. We have found a safe way to deliver our products only in EU.

4. Is there a minimum order amount limit?
Brutalbiceps is especially for your comfortable and easy usage, we doesn't have any minimum limit for order. All customers are free to order whatever they want and in any amount they want. So please feel free to place an order and we'll be glad to care of the rest.

5. Give me the tracking number / Do you provide tracking numbers? / Are the packages trackable?
All packages sent from us are trackable, after we ship your order you will receive tracking on the next morning.

6.Do you guarantee delivery?
Of course we do, we are responsible for each order ever placed. We guarantee that you will receive you order in 3 days (Austria, Germany,Greece, Croatia Slovakia), 5-6 days (UK, Spain, Italy, France), around 7 days for Skandinavia and Baltic countries.


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