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Past 10 years we have been using many different payment methods, but times are changing and guys in this business and customers should adapt to those changes.  What we see today is that every bank put international transfers on a special monitoring for money laundering and terrorism funding. Many customers faced blocked transfers and blocked accounts. Banks also gives your information about the transfers you made to financial police and other government structures.

We recommend to avoid bank transfers for your own security.

We recommend using crypto currency – bitcoin and others. For more info check the bitcoin section.

We recommend using Western Union and Moneygram, RIA  instead of bank transfers.

We recommend sending cash money by post with registered letter and insurance, but hide the cash well into something to be sure that authorities and thieves wont find it.

For Greece we can ship with payment on delivery option.

Every order paid with bitcoins, western union or moneygram will have 10% discount.

If you want to use your credit card for the payment, that can be done by online western union transfer or by its application.


Paypal is not an option.





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