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IPAMORELIN 2mg 10 vials +10x1ml bacteriostatic water aviva

IPAMORELIN 2mg 10 vials +10x1ml bacteriostatic water aviva
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Ipamorelin, also called as NNC 26-0161, is a pentapeptide, Ghrelin receptor agonist, and selective secretagogue of growth hormones. The short chain peptide contains five amino acids with a long half-life. Ipamorelin demonstrated significant growth hormone releasing capability in experimental studies including in vivo and in-vitro. The action of Ipamorelin mimics GHRP-6 promotes growth hormone release from the pituitary cells by acting on GHRP-like receptors. Studies suggest that the compound did not influence cortisol or ACTH levels. Ipamorelin is being studied extensively by the biomedical researchers due to high specificity. The molecular weight and formula of Ipamorelin is 711.85 Daltons and C38H49N9O5.Just like GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 ipamorelin suppresses the action of somatostatin and stimulate the production and secretion of GH. Ipamorelin the third generation of the GHRPs, however, it is more enhanced than its predecessors and has a longer half-life.

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