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Superdrol Methyldrostanolone 60x10mg

Superdrol Methyldrostanolone 60x10mg
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Methyldrostanolone is a C-17 alpha alkylated prohormone, it is already active and does not require conversion. Methyldrostanolone is the 17aa version of the injectable steroid drostanolone (Masteron). This extra methylation makes this prohormone about 3-4x more anabolic than Masteron, and slightly more anabolic than oxandrolone (Anavar). Superdrol is incredibly potent compound and users should expect extreme strength increases and weight gain in a relatively short 2-4 week period.
Methyldrostanolone (Superdrol)
Each capsule contains: 2a,17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one-17b-ol 10mg
Do not exceed 3 caps per day.
Chemical Name(s):
Synonyms: Superdrol, Methasterone, M-Drol, S-Drol, Methastadrol.
Chemical Formula: C21H34O2
Molecular Weight: 318
Q Qatio: 20
Anabolic #: 400
Androgenic #: 20
Oral Bioavailability: Estimated at 50%
AR Binding Affinity: NA
SHBG Binding Affinity: High
Half Life: ~8 hours
Average Dose:
10-30mg/day standalone
5-10mg/day when stacked
Average Cycle Length: 2-4 weeks

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